Book Chronicles: The Explicit Gospel

It’s been a while [literally after I typed this I looked it up and it’s only been one month!]. I feel like I have been reading this book for an eternity and that might be indicative of how dense it’s been. There’s a lot to process, but above all it’s been a journey to remember what Chandler means when using the phrases “gospel in the air” and “gospel on the ground” — and although it seems like he’s trying to make these work as diligently as Gretchen did for “fetch”, it comes from the right place.

This book has been a timely read for me and I thoroughly did feel reminded of what the Gospel means. Not a personalized Gospel, but the Gospel of Christ as is. Stand out sections include “Consummation”, where Chandler makes a case for understanding and seeking to understand heaven and hell, not to avoid it. Another includes his section on what missions is and what it means for the individual and the church to be missional. Chandler points everything to understanding the complete Gospel, not just parts, and with language that is so… normal.

It is imperative that we embrace a gospel that is scaled to the glory of God. (172)

God is God and I am man. Humbled in reading. Just wish I read faster/more consistently!

Conclusion: Tis’ a good read & a good reminder.

*side note: this text has an amazing notes section where Chandler cites a lot of his source material — definitely looking to get my hands on some additional reads through his notes!


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