Plant Chronicles: Weeks 11-20

Blame it on going to Kyrgyzstan, blame it on moving, blame it on going to California, blame it on not-perfect lighting… it’s been a while. It’s been so long since I last updated that WordPress changed it’s user interface!

It is with sadness that I say that at week 16 my “Carnivorous Creation” was no more. 

20140804_121301On the left is the sad, dried out version of plant death that 20140804_122507became of my terrarium. At a glance, I saw a glimmer of hope through the appearance of green, but upon closer observation I had found a new edition of terrarium mold.

I am afraid that I will probably not redo this experience in the future — carnivorous plants — it’s a rough life. 

Then, I carefully packed my precious cargo in a single box for the 54 block move. The jade plant probably experienced the most stress out of all of them, as I found it slumping over in its pot. Yet, it is resilient as ever and back to stretching its long arms out towards the sun. 

With the new apartment, I was gifted by my good friend with a new plant:


The color is beautiful and stands out so well against the greens I’ve accumulated. In other plant news, I found myself wandering Union Square today and saw the prettiest variety of dahlias being sold. Pictures don’t do these flowers justice. Go and get em.

Processed with VSCOcam





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