Plant Chronicles: Week 10

With the transition between week 10 and 11, I cannot believe two things:

1) I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. Was it not just the other day that I planted these seeds of mine?

2) I cannot believe nothing has grown, how fruitless my endeavor has been. There are so many factors to what makes good soil, and I’m wondering if it is even in my control at all. Clearly, I am not the gardener that I thought I was. Perhaps it is time for me to grow something else from seedling to sapling… more thoughts on this later.

There is a bodega/deli situation on 23rd and 3rd that I do not stop at for food, but for flowers. This store (I don’t want to call it a bodega, because it’s definitely a smidgen fancier) always has the most beautiful, fresh array of flowers. They consistently keep a diverse mix of blooms, but also are up-to-date with seasonal items. Last Thursday, I found myself unable to resist the urge to purchase these beauties:


Phalaenopsis Nivacolor Orchid & Sunflowers (helianthus annuus). Sunflowers are just awesome. Go get yourself a few stalks – now! In addition, I still have some remaining flowers from my cousin’s son’s 돌 last week! I’m looking and I’m seeing that some have labeled it as a chysanthemum, but I’m not sure – help?


Update: Watering Can

I tried it, with not so high hopes, and my doubts were reinforced. The thing has no power, no momentum. The water did not shoot out like others had said, but barely made it an inch and an a half past the end of the very short spout. In short, the watering can is ineffective.





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