Plant Chronicles: Weeks 7-9

Sorry for the lack of posting. It has been hectic, and with all the winding down of the semester, it’s still been hectic! Alas… within the last few weeks, I’ve been put into an awkward position.

Screenshot_2014-06-07-23-47-20First my dad sends me this text message. Notice the grim filter set on the image and his immediately identifiable confusion. He knows me well, and knows my taste well. I respond with a light “LOL” because, look, the thing is ridiculous. And then… he says those four fateful letters: “it is for you”.


Mom’s next set of text messages. Note the bright lighting, multi-angle shots… My dad’s text prepared me well and I did what any good daughter would do for their mother — I lied. I lied my little butt off and put a facade of excitement over the response I would send her.

Last Saturday, I see my parents in person and they bring me my gift and it is worse in person. I imagined the watering can to be small, cute, petite — no, this thing is bigger than my face. In addition, I cannot get over the impractical nature of the spout…

IMG_0242Do you see? Do you see that strange hole in the middle of this poor pup’s mouth? I suppose I will have to put it to use in order to complete my initial judgments. It’s a spectre, an image of torment — I feel like the narrator in Poe’s “the Black Cat”, although mine would probably be called “the inanimate copper dog watering can”.

Why all this over a silly watering can?

It is literally the only exciting plant related news within these past three weeks. No movement, no growth, no life from my terrarium of carnivorous wonders. I am not sure what to do at this point. Possible points of action: a) cease and destroy the project altogether b) get another carnivorous creations kit c) move the terrarium farther from direct light… perhaps it is getting dry too quickly





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