Plant Chronicles: Week 6

On this, here, post Mother’s Day weekend of 14′, I have indeed become a murderer.

The life that had so long since come to pass, has shriveled up into nothingness. I cannot find it and all I see is dirt. The same thing every week: brown, brittle, dirt. So I dedicate this post in mourning of the plants that could have been.


Week 6: unleash the pitcher plants!

The seeds that had been stratifying in my refrigerator for the faux-winter necessary for growth, are finally joining the dome for some sunlight and terrarium love.

Hopefully the failures thus far will not be indicative of my entire plant journey. Life, no matter how short, is still in fact life.


In other sad news, today I found out that Plant Works is closing! The plant store is one I frequently walked past on the east/west border of 4th street. Nobody could ignore the humble hand painted signage of the plant store, and although it was more rundown than it should – the store had character. So, I made my last purchase there as an adieu and good luck to Plant Works forevermore.

IMG_0220-2 IMG_0222-2


Despite the carnivorous plant relapse, my propagated jade plants are growing strong. Forward we go…



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