Plant Chronicles: Mother’s Day Edition

IMG_0201-2Today was the day where I finally took some real action against the mold. 

With my 3% hydrogen peroxide, my new travel-size spray bottle and my measuring spoons, I was able to make my mold-killing mixture. Huzzah.

Whilst I was spraying the surface of my terrarium — which actually started to become very dry since the mold had spread — I noticed the most peculiar sight.

plant chronicles


On this, here, Mother’s Day weekend of ’14, I have indeed become a mother. The precious little sundews (drosera) have started to grow. One more week until the stratification of the pitcher plants is complete.

In other Mother’s Day plant news, I went over to Union Square greenmarket and went a little crazy buying some beautiful spring blooms for my mom:

IMG_0208-2 IMG_0211-2 IMG_0210-2


Left to right, we have some beautiful Japanese Ranunculus (ranunculus kadzusensis), a deeper shade of Lilacs (syringa vulgaris), and white peonies (paeonia).

Happy Mother’s Day!



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