Plant Chronicles: Week 4


The terrarium is overrun with mold.
It is everywhere.
It is overrun…

It was quite the disappointment when I lifted the dome lid and saw all the mold everywhere. Is there hope? According to DuneCraft’s manual, I now should create a chemical mixture to kill the mold, but not the plant. Does anyone have any hydrogen peroxide lying around? (Now I really need to get a mister).

In other plant news, I inadvertently started propagating cuttings from my jade plant (crassula ovata)! The plant has gotten so big that as I rotate it to even out the sun exposure, some of its leaves get caught on the side causing them to fall off. To my surprise, I noticed that the cuttings have started to grow…

IMG_0188-2IMG_0193-2I will now have three new jade plants to pot and give away. It’s so interesting how life just grows like that…

As they grow, I’ll be sure to track their progress and add them to my plant chronicle updates. IMG_0196-2

In addition to my “new” plants, I also decided to indulge and have a “Treat Yo’ Self” moment and buy myself flowers on the way home.

I knew that the fragrance of the flowers I bought was one that I knew, but I couldn’t put a name on it. It was only until I was at Wonjo in KTown, with a bouquet for a friend, that the hostess was able to comment on how pretty the LILACS were. Duh! Lilacs….

So pictured here are lilacs (syringa vulgaris) and waxflowers (chamelaucium) arranged in an old jam jar. The lilacs smell delightful. The waxflowers, which also come in white, do not have a scent, but apparently their rosemary shaped leaves are fragrant when crushed/bruised. So there is a lot of exciting progressing plant-life, just not within the context of carnivorous ones… the attack of the mold continues.



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