Plant Chronicles: Week 3

It’s the end of week three and mold is thriving. Wait… I’m not supposed to be growing mold? Because I’m very good at it.


The poor lizard, on its back, crying, “Do you not see the green mold of my underbelly?” (it is a rhyming figurine). Unfortunately, the return of the mold is due to my failure to commit to a dome-less terrarium. After just one day without a lid, I noticed that the soil was quickly drying out, and rather than a light spritzing, I just put the dome back on. My laziness got the best of my lizard. 700_glass-plant-mister--gardenista

My conclusion: I need a plant mister — and preferably a super cool looking one like…

The other pack of seeds is still going through its germination process in the fridge. No evidence of change or growth other than an increase in air within the bag. Perhaps evidence of oxygen production or alternate gases formed after cycles of condensation? Too much science here.



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