Plant Chronicles: Week 2

Small signs of life, but these signs are not welcome. Let me start from whence I last began:

IMG_0165-2 According to the “Carnivorous Creations” instructional — we want condensation. So, to my delight, day by day I observed ample amounts of water forming beneath the plastic dome of my planter. Condensation really is beautiful thing. I don’t need to worry about keeping the soil moist, or watering the seeds. Nature has a funny way of providing for itself.

HOWEVER, at the beginning of the week, I noticed an intruder — an oh so small and clever little living organism.

IMG_0173-2Do you see it? Am I mad?

I noticed that on top of my small plastic figurines, a slight “fluff” if you will of MOLD. I cannot stress how important it is to read everything. It is only because I took the time to read all of the instructions with the kit that I knew to look for signs of mold in the first place. Under the section labeled “Basic Growing Rules to Follow”, is a bullet point stating:

The biggest danger to your seedlings will be gray mold. It will look like a damp, gray fluff and typically strikes in cooler conditions.

It goes on to state that I should start by removing moisture. So at least for the next day or so my terrarium will go dome-less.



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