Plant Chronicles: Day I


“Do you like plants?” was the question and HECK YES was and is and always will be the answer and thus proceeded the re-gifting of this here Carnivorous Creations:IMG_9969-2

I shall use this blog to document my year-long journey to carnivorous plant parenthood.


DAY ONE (04062014)

Already my little venus flytraps, sundews and pitcher plants are at a deficit in their journey ahead. Instead of using distilled water, I am afraid that I used regular water — who is to say what the larger implications of such a mistake will be. Nonetheless, I have faith that nature will take its rightful course despite my lack of care.

The pitcher plants require stratification, so they are in the fridge for the next six weeks.

IMG_9970-2 I figured dividing the plant species into sections would be most aesthetically pleasing in the long run, so the thirds were marked with the included pebbles and reptiles. The green lizard marks the venus flytrap area, the yellow lizard for the sundews, and finally the snake for the pitcher plants.

The seeds (not pictured because I forgot) were so tiny that I fear that I did not aptly disperse them into the soil.

In any case, with the lid on there seems to be a constant presence of condensation. Thank God for my southeasterly exposure.




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