Life after Death

You can only be humbled after having to clean after the excrement of your 95 year old grandfather.

After 할머니’s passing, my grandfather was living at my uncle’s and finally made the move to stay with my mom. Apparently prior to her passing, they used to frequently talk about about “what if’s” and in the case of her passing, she told him to stay with my mom. In any case I feel that his discomfort at my uncle’s was only a discomfort in knowing that he wasn’t following his wife’s orders. Love.

My 95 year old 할아버지, wise and amazing as he is, is old and ridden with a case of [what I presume to be mild] alzheimer’s. Yet, he chose to live with my parents in our 3 bedroom, 2nd floor walk up. He climbs those bad boys at least twice a day with his pink, metallic cane – what a boss. Today I had the wonderful opportunity to discover his indigestion, first through scent, then through visual confirmation.

Why did I think old people wouldn’t have simple problems like upset stomach?

Alas, I was reminded that we are all human, no matter how old.


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