In Sickness and in Health

She leaned over the side of the hospital bed, grasping at the metal beams to sustain her balance. She saw that he wasn’t eating. He had been sitting in the same spot, in the same clothes. At times he sat looking at the television, other times praying to himself, thinking, and looking back at her. She worries about him and he about her. It’s 9 am and both have not eaten.

She cries out, “당신, 먹어요!”
He replies with the same sentiment.

She tells him to move to the seat next to the bed and manages to get up. They both eat and feed each other their sliced strawberries, making sure the other eats.

They eat for each other. I watch my 할머니 and every action is done for him. She gets up for my grandfather, eats so he can eat, goes to the bathroom so he could go to the bathroom.

I help her walk to the bathroom and as soon as she sits, a sigh of relief escapes her body as she says,”주여, 감사합니다….”


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