post-grad finance

How do you tell your parents they have to work harder?

This is a rhetorical question to which I already have an answer – sort of. I know I cannot possibly ask this of my parents who have already sacrificed so much. Yet I find myself screaming to the abyss of my own thoughts saying: WHY CAN’T I JUST BE 23? Isn’t this the time where I live it up, socialize with friends, be responsible for myself and my own finances and not my parents’ finances as well? I followed the steps:

1) Go to a stellar school (NYU!)
2) Graduate on time
3) Get a job
4) Work from home
5) Get an apartment
6) Pay rent, bills and loans

What more do I owe? Haven’t I done all this so somehow I would have a life for myself? Now – Now I find that I owe others everything, but what about what the world owes me? I think I’ve done what society expects of me but now society and family clash.

Answer: The world owes me nothing (to quote Twain). The frustration of having the burden that I did not expect to be so quickly mine is real, but I press on. In a time where I’m still figuring out my own future prospects this financial pickle is definitely a thorn pressing against my heel. No point in complaining about it. Take it out and move on.


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