You can choose to believe me or not, but tenure was never a motivation in my choice of becoming an educator.

I am proud that I am able to say this so confidently, yet somewhat embarrassed because I had to ask my coworker/mentor what the big deal about tenure actually was. It doesn’t seem that anyone can give me a concrete answer about this but all say: you can’t get fired and it basically gives you job security.

My next question: How does one get tenure and when does one get offered this title?
You get tenure after your third year of teaching in a school (so I’m told).

And now back to why I wrote my initial sentence… Clearly, from the rants I’ve written on this here blog, I am not the happiest camper in my current environment. Next year would be the year I would be offered tenure and that is apparently a “big deal”, but not for me. Because as great as tenure is supposed to be, it does not give me an ounce of reason to stay. What good is tenure at a school that you cannot grow and despise to work at? It’s a false commitment.

Am I crazy in thinking that it is much more worth it to seek better and more for myself? Doesn’t this trump job security? Happiness?

Hmm… my tenure thoughts aren’t final. Seeking advice.


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