Where do I even start with this…

Today’s meeting at work went against all my personal, moral, ethical philosophies as an educator as the leading figurehead of our school started talking about branding. The gist of it all: the success of our school is like promoting a brand (followed by activities centered around our thoughts about places like McDonald’s, Disney, Domino’s, the Giants, as well as some school paraphernalia). 

1. Is this how our tax dollars are being spent? By getting fancy things with our school name on it?
2. Since when was my school leader an expert in marketing and advertising?
3. Since when did education become a brand?

This analogy fails to address the issue that most adults already know. That marketing and most positive connotations that go alongside a brand stem from a heavily manipulative system. Are we saying we, as teachers and educators, are “buying into” the same route of deception and skewed perception? I do not want to ride this train and will not. Was I wrong for thinking that in today’s public education society, one role and responsibility I had as a teacher was to humanize an inhumane system? One of the biggest grievances of the Ed. System is that it follows a business model. Though I admit, to create a large and vast, complex system of education needs a lot of similarities… teachers and educators are not business people. 

How can I be okay in a system that so largely places the benefits and advantages on those that it does not service?


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