my two cents

One thing charter schools have right is that they start at the base. Many successful charter schools start right at kindergarten and follow their students to the very top of the chain. If charters are any reflection of our public education system, it is that we cannot trust it, even from step one.

Logic says that we should then proceed to reform our system, starting at the root of it all, but current actions show the illogical approach: reform at the end. Change the high schools- break up big schools, have quality reviews, publish teacher evaluations, have high school report cards with threat of “failure”. Oh yes, and we are held to these oh so acceptable standards and assessments AFTER foundations are already set in our students, after routines are set, after socialization skills are set, which society assumes is naturally happening. So when kids show up to my class not knowing the difference between a noun and verb, not knowing how to raise their hand or how to sit down with a notebook, how to keep a notebook or how to write down their homework society screams: REFORM THE HIGH SCHOOLS?


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