Year 2

I’m sitting in Brooklyn Bagel Co. – listening to an awesome acoustic playlist of some great songs – trying to start and solidify this “Study Skills” curriculum from nothing. I feel an immense pressure because, again, I have no idea what I’m doing. Part of me wants to teach 12th grade again so I can rehash what I did next year and do it better. Yet, I know at the end of the past school year I seriously considered moving to a middle school. Teaching 9th grade will give me a good taste of what’s to come… but study skills? 

This class has never been taught in my school before, there is no curriculum yet I was asked to integrate grammar and geography, I am the only teacher teaching this course, I have had no support from my administration BUT I only have one prep. That must be worth all of this right? RIGHT? 

I digress. 

In trying to plan this upcoming semester the “right” way, I find myself googling backwards design models and articles to fully understand what to do. I’m definitely more comfortable planning it all without the end in mind but that just sounds so wrong. Backwards design sounds so, so right and appropriate and in theory it’s amazing. However, the brain power required to imagine and actualize the end is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do – hence this blog post right now as I should be planning. I press on. My first summer vacation as a young professional was marked with idle time. 

I should count my blessings yes. The summer is a blessing. Getting paid during the summer is a blessing. Going back to work is the best blessing of all.


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