I’ve made it to winter break.

People usually say that Thanksgiving Break is the breaking point for a new teacher. That hurdle has passed and now I have the rest of the new year. It’s not going to get easier, this I already know… because deep down, or not so deep down inside, I’m able to admit to my unhappiness. The fact is, the truth is that this school is not for me. To be quite frank it’s not for anyone. For some reason the NYC DOE has greatly disserviced and failed the Bronx and it is so evident in the students. It’s sad, but I’m not their superhero. I’m no close to what is needed there. There were many times I thought about finding work elsewhere even in the middle of my year, but I owe it to my students to have at least one person to see it to the end. For prom, graduation, the works. Please graduate my seniors! PLEASE! You deserve more than what you’ve been given~


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