War Is…

This is what I live for… finally some self-reflective writing spurred on by literature. The following is one of my senior’s book letters (a letter written to reflect and summarize individual, independent reading). He writes:

“Dear Ms. Lee,
I have been reading this book, War Is…, and it has my mind working. It makes me think about what war really is. It gives me second thoughts about me joining the army.

Many people join the military and do not know why. This book makes me wanna have a really good reason to go. It makes me think about all the other things that I can do with my life.”

It’s obviously really short, but what he wrote is something so utterly relevant to his life and such an important decision he needs to consider. Yes, you need a very good reason to go to war or join the military, it is not something you just do but something you need to be ready to commit to; yes, you are capable of doing so many other things than join the army. You are a smart, intelligent and funny kid and can make choices other than the ones directly in front of you! Reflect on students, reflect on.


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