Another $50 dollars gone. That’s half $100, that’s more than a full tank of gas, five meals in the city, fifty dollar menu french fries!

Today I finally filled out the paperwork for initial certification in New York. On top of the $88 dollars I paid for each of my three state tests they made me pay an additional $50 just to get the official title. Don’t they WANT people to become teachers? Do we have to be rich to give back to our world the way we want to? What if the best teacher in the world was the poorest? I guess he or she wouldn’t cut it in New York.

This reminds me of my junior and senior year of high school when I was outraged at the ridiculous SAT, ACT, SAT Subject test, College application, Score Sending fee’s. The sheer financial commitments to our education make it that much harder for smart people to do what they want.

If only money grew on trees.


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