all children grow up, except one.

and that one is not me!

It’s strange.
Right now it’s 2:07AM and soon enough when it’s 7:30AM I’ll wake up and prepare to teach some 12th graders about life through English Language Arts. Okay, so maybe I’m not teaching them yet but soon enough. I’m still in the “getting to know you” period. Yet, though I’m still getting to know them, I have no time at all to get to know time – because time, you see, is running forward without me. It is pushing and hurling things in my way: job applications, due dates, portfolio work, resume work — the future — and I’m not sure that I am completely ready. But are we ever ready? Really. Think about it. If we were ever fully ready for our future what fun would that be? What would we learn? Part of the future being what it is, growing up being what it is, what adulthood is, is jumping head first into the cold waters of uncertainty with confidence. Yes?

When I’m ready to do this, when I’m in the air, no turning back, in the momentum – can I say than that I have grown up?


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