Absence of the Mind

I absolutely hate it when I forget.
I swear it’s the worst feeling ever because I tend to forget the most important things and it makes me feel so inadequate, seem inadequate to the people surrounding me.

It’s a curse

If you were to ask my Mom about it she would agree and say that I forget a lot. She thinks I’m careless.

Walking over to the building that I’m in right now, I totally had something to say, something that I wanted to blog so desperately but I forgot.

Yet to forget is the freedom that is granted to such few. The freedom to forget anger and hate.
I have the sweet ability to forget and forgive – not that one is necessary for the other, but merely easier.


I still wish I remembered what I wanted to say.


One thought on “Absence of the Mind

  1. u know…this WHOLE time, i thot your blog name was RANDOM INNOCENCE….
    i just noticed it wasnt….

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