Stall as Long as Possible

My computer crashed.

It’s not just that my computer crashed…
My files and pictures are all – gone

Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic… Okay so I did manage to save a few things, however, not everything and that EVERYTHING is the most important part. I’ve been doing nothing to save my dear computer. It’s been broken ever since I moved back home. I keep on thinking that there’s a way to fix this. I can come away from this experience unharmed and all my files at hand, but time to face reality.

I can’t.

It’s been a weird spiral into my thoughts about how much worth I put in my pictures and documents. This is part of the reason for my distrust in the electronic/digital age as much as I seem to embrace it. AHH damn the computer and and curses on slow and small hard drives!


2 thoughts on “Stall as Long as Possible

  1. i remember when my computer crashed.
    it was a sad day.
    all those shinhwa videos… *shakes head*

    but u’ll get over it…with time.

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