poem about a time of innocence


Brown, orange, yellow, red
Colors discussed as the teacher said,
“Fall is a time for change” Leaves, people break out of their cage.
Walk home with a boy.
Love him, like him, it doesn’t matter-
All that matters is the crunching
Under the soles of each being.
Locked in a moment

Into another year starting with snowfall.
School’s out, children are out,
I am out.
Backyard escapades, hillside ventures.
Sleds that slide down steep, slippery, slopes
And crash at the bottom.
Crash into the fluffy, bleached padding on the ground.

I flinch but am not caught.
Run around again and stop.
Ring around the rosy, Red light, green light,
Skip-it and jump rope.

Forward in the wall of water,
Moving back and forth.
Rays of H20 oscillating slowly from side to side.
Don’t avoid it – slip and slide
To childhood, to freedom, to unconstraint.
Shore and sand and
Summer salt


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