Easter Sunday

Honestly, Easter Sunday has just been like every other Sunday in my life. I really never felt elated on Easter or a special kind of joy other than that from chocolate. Yes, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ but as Christians don’t we try to celebrate that everyday? 

Anyways, I suppose yesterday was different in the most subtle way and Easter became a manifestation of the magnificence of His resurrection and promise. To adopt each and every and anyone who believes as His very own. 

The room was packed, people and children sitting on the floor. Joint service at Morningside Ministry , 11am. Today: Baptisms. 

Ah yes, baptism.

I don’t remember my own – I was baptized as a baby and I believe that there aren’t any pictures of me (although my sister’s baptism is thoroughly preserved in boxes of photos) and confirmation in High School wasn’t that big of a deal either. I’m pretty sure I lost my confirmation certificate.

Yet, come Easter Sunday of 2009, for some reason the baptism of baby Evangeline Lin moved me to tears. Maybe it’s because she’s the first of the second service, or the fact that I was able to get to know her when she was still in the womb through her amazing parents, or just because she’s probably the cutest and smallest baby i’ve ever seen – but as soon as Pastor Mark began his blessing it was amazing.  I can’t describe it, but i’m grateful to have had that moment, a glimpse of the amazingness of God and the nothingness of who we are.


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