14. to produce internal stresses in (glass) by sudden cooling from low red heat; toughen.

I wrote an entry in my writer’s journal a few weeks ago but it totally applies today:

Mood. A turn of the tide. A simple inability to articulate. A chain of textual gaps that cannot be clarified.
Intricacies. Intricacies of intonation, melodic flux, tone. Mood.

What the fuck moments and disappointing days.
Self pride to Self pity to Self promotion – the latter of which is obsolete.

excuse the language, please, but just for future- I don’t believe in the censorship of thought and of-the-moment experiences. if I don’t write it here i’m afraid that it’ll just remain, chipping, cracking, crusting over inside. Today is an angry day, yesterday sad, and tomorrow, I project, won’t fix itself as quickly as I would will it to.


3 thoughts on “temper

  1. stop holding that anger inside!
    rant it out like i did on mine! lol
    well then again, i didnt rant it out as much as i wanted to because it was late… haha

  2. there’s always “wtf” moments in life.
    dude, i still want to come over….and bake… =)
    i remember frosh year you made like amazing cookies.

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