un vol

Je suis un voleur

I like office supplies,
I love office supplies.

At work we have a supply room filled with folders, hanging folders, manila folders, paper clips, paper and two of my favorite little inventions:

Binder Clips & Post-it’s

I’m tempted to steal them every single time I go to work. In all honesty there’s an excess of supplies so I would be helping right? Using those supplies would be better than letting them collect dust.

Today I took a bright blue Post-it pad.
Je suis un voleur.


5 thoughts on “un vol

  1. while my roommate bought a stack of simple, yellow post-its at a eurostore (equivalent to a dollar store in the states), i managed to buy a stack of colorful flower-shaped post-its and another stack of green-shade post-its. and they were definitely more than a euro each. I LOVE POST-ITS!!!!!

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