Perhaps this whole blogging sensation will easily assuage the creative angst’s bubbling up inside of me. On the other hand, this blog can completely enslave me in it’s envious exploits against all other literary outlets. Maybe my books and journals will become null and I will be left with me and my blog –
Hopefully not.
Nonetheless I hope to share with you things I’ve already thought about, already written, all in an attempt to keep sane with what is me


2 thoughts on “beginnings

  1. YAY for blogging. A lot of people have been making tumblr and stuff but I can’t get myself to start a new blog…I’m too attached to my xanga, comfort maybe?
    write write write :)

  2. HAHA that’s totally my sense of logic when i see an abundant supply of anything… of course not in department stores or boutiques….. errrr… @.@

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